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Through our Abundant Retirement Process™, we show you how to preserve, protect, and pass on your wealth. Our trademark process gets to the core of your purpose while identifying obstacles and gaps, as well as opportunities. This helps you make informed choices, and take timely, confident action in support of what really matters to you.

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Sutton Planning

About our Process  

Our process has a unique history and its story begins with our founder, Bob Sutton.  Bob always had a strong sense of how he wanted his clients served and what he envisioned for the company beyond his retirement.  “Clients’ best interests first” was his motto.  He was intentional about selecting like-minded successors with credibility, alignment and passion that he could mentor and hold accountable to his own high standards.  With a commitment to continued learning, unity in their approach and processes, and of course, proving to always put clients’ best interests first, he found in Stu, Jay and Tim the character and qualities necessary to feel confident he could transition his client relationships and future of the company to.

After Bob’s retirement, Stu, Jay and Tim continue to work together to carry on these principles and practices.  The Abundant Retirement Process TM they developed may just transform how you think about wealth.  It has been designed to methodically get to the core of your purpose while identifying obstacles and gaps, as well as opportunities.  The process has proven to help people like you make informed choices, and take timely, confident action in support of what really matters.

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Wealth Planning for Successful Families, Professionals and Business Owners

We help you determine what you want out of life, identify the obstacles that stand in your way, suggest strategies that will overcome those obstacles, and take action to bring your vision to life. You will realize the freedom to enjoy life as you see fit and impact the people, community and causes you care about. We help you get what you most want out of life.

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Sutton Planning

Tim Hansen

Wealth Advisor

Sutton Planning

Jay Stark

Wealth Advisor

Sutton Planning

Stuart Sutton

Wealth Advisor

I have been with Sutton Wealth Planning from it's inception. My late husband & I were one of the first clients that Bob Sutton (founder) had. This company have guided us through in both the good & bad times. They are not obtrusive in their contacts but keep in touch enough to know how best to meet your needs & expectations. And they are always there to help when unexpected events occur. I would have been lost without their assistance when Barry passed - they helped me get everything in order & made sure I was doing OK. They are trust worthy, reliable & truly do have your best interests at heart.

Sherri J

Experience the peace of mind that comes from certainty. Know that you are doing everything that you can do. That you’re not missing any financial opportunities and you’re profiting from all the options to fully preserve, protect and pass on your wealth. Please contact us to book a complimentary 57-minute conversation called the Lifestyle Opportunity Assessment

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