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Our Advantage

Through our Abundant Retirement Process™, we show you how to preserve, protect, and pass on your wealth. Our trademark process gets to the core of your purpose while identifying obstacles and gaps, as well as opportunities. This helps you make informed choices, and take timely, confident action in support of what really matters to you.

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About our Process

Our process has a unique history and its story begins with our founder, Bob Sutton. Bob always had a strong sense of how he wanted his clients served and what he envisioned for the company beyond his retirement. “Clients’ best interests first” was his motto. He was intentional about selecting like-minded successors with credibility, alignment and passion that he could mentor and hold accountable to his own high standards. With a commitment to continued learning, unity in their approach and processes, and of course, proving to always put clients’ best interests first, he found in Stu, Jay and Tim the character and qualities necessary to feel confident he could transition his client relationships and future of the company to.

After Bob’s retirement, Stu, Jay and Tim continue to work together to carry on these principles and practices. The Abundant Retirement Process TM they developed may just transform how you think about wealth. It has been designed to methodically get to the core of a client’s purpose while identifying obstacles and gaps, as well as opportunities. The process has proven to help clients make informed choices, and take timely, confident action in support of what really matters to them.



Why we established our Process

Sutton Planning

Nobody knows all the answers to how long they will live, what economic changes lay ahead or what other events the future holds, so there is often fear about not knowing if you have enough.  We wanted to systematize the strategy, tools and support that gives clients the resources and confidence they need to build an abundant lifestyle and freedom to enjoy it.  Our process empowers clients to be in control of their money, rather than their money being in control of them.  Embracing this process positions our clients to have the freedom to be the person they want to be, do what they want, when they want, and with whom they want.”

Tim Hansen

Sutton Planning

“We all want to be remembered and for our lives to have mattered. But we don’t think about our legacy until it’s perhaps it’s too late to change it. The abundant picture piece of our process has been designed to help our clients clarify their vision and prioritize what’s important. Our process helps clients understand the gaps between where they and where they want to be as well as the actions they need to take to realize their unique set of goals. We have built in some nudges to help along the way so our clients feel empowered to live abundant lives while impacting the world in a meaningful way – for their family, for their community and for the causes they care about today, tomorrow and long after they are gone.”

Jay Stark

Sutton Planning

“Wealth is important. But it is about so much more than just the money. What good is money when you’re up at 2 am worrying about your business? Business owners care about their families, their employees and their community. Our process covers each of these areas and is a powerful tool in showing business owners how to preserve, protect and pass on their wealth so they have peace of mind about their business and how it will transition to the next generation. It’s important that we transition not only the money, but the relationships as well.”

Stuart Sutton

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